Problem with issue of Postal Ballot in Downlands & Forest Ward

I have been advised that postal ballot papers for the District Council election for the Downlands & Forest Ward of New Forest District Council were not included in the issue of postal voting packs on the 21st April. Since becoming aware of this problem earlier this morning I have been in contact with the Electoral Services team at the District Council and understand that they are working to issue these papers to all those affected in this evening’s post.

Whilst I appreciate that this error may cause concern to some electors receiving their postal voting pack this morning and may involve an additional trip to the post box for those who have already completed their declaration and parliamentary ballot paper without noticing the omission, given the scale of the task in issuing ballot papers across two Parliamentary Constituencies, all 60 District Council Wards and for numerous Parish Council elections, such an error whilst regrettable, is understandable.

I would like to thank the Returning Officer and all those within the District Council’s electoral services department for their continuing hard work and dedication and especially for there work in seeking to rectify this unfortunate error as soon s it became apparent.

Should any electors have any queries regarding this or any other matters relating the current elections within the New Forest District Council area the Electoral Services team may be contacted on 02380 285445 or by email at

*************** UPDATE ***************

Following further investigations by Electoral Services it now appears that not all postal voting packs within the Downlands & Forest Ward were affected by the problem. I understand that approximately 135 postal voters failed to receive a District Council election ballot paper and that this has now been sent to them in today’s post.